What would crop up if you put something in your urethra(pee hole)?

i always wonder wat would transpire if u stick something up your pee hole


Is it better for men to get some first appendage experience with a professional formerly marriage?

I trust this a hypothetical cross-question.

how do i get taller! Should i avoid masturbation!!??

You would a short time ago be asking for an Injury to your Urinary Tract, and an Infection...

How Can I stop smoking ?

I wouldn't recomend this. There are special devices you can buy to stick down there, they are smooth cracked metal rods. You have to be extremely well thought-out otherwise you can get an infection that could travel adjectives the way to your bladder. Some guys to bring back 'pleasure' out of this though.

Which way will the PENIS BEND when you masterbate next to the right hand?

It might catch stuck and then you would hold to go to the emergency room to return with it removed. Then you would be put on an embarrassing TV show give or take a few the weird things general public do.

What is the best way to protect my crotch from attack?

ever have a catheter when you were contained by the hospital??? Didn't think so...if you have you wouldnt be asking this stupid question. One word for ya.PAINFULL!!!!

What is the point of circumcision?? And what happend..?

you would be asking for extreme stinging twinge, and an infection. Not so good

How much does Gynecomastia surgery cost?

you would daamge it and it may also effect your SEMON glanmds as okay that should only be done by a licecend profesinal not for you to play next to

I want to grow a gotee?

It would get infected because of the type of metal and how u use it so i would keep under surveillance it

Sexual problems, why is he not getting help?

You could possibly injure your penis but more promising you would stand a really good fortune of passing on microbes. By inserting something you might scratch the inner protective pool liner and bacteria will return with into the scratch. Or they could travel down the urethra and infect the testicles. Very throbbing, very unsafe, and causes you to become sterile. Sooooooooooooo

Do not stick anything into your penis and do not stick your penis into anything but your fist or a girls vagina. As for oral sex a mouth have lots of teeth. do I need to read aloud more

what are the possible causes of minute rash on the penis which dries and flakes off constantly?

it depends what it is, similar to a catheter helps attain pee out but getting one is extremely painful.

Witch is better a penis or vagina?

Nothing pleasant will hapen. What you may achieve are pains and infection if the item you used is not clean.

Is at hand anyway to get messed up or a buzz lacking drinking alcohol or smoking anything?

Nothing much, you would explode and God would send you to hell!!! No they are adjectives right, you'd get an infection.

GUYS! Why do u enjoy erections when u wake up??

what considerate of question is this?

Unstinkify shoes that smell a touch from getting wet too various times?

what kind of sicko are u??? you arent suppose to put * up here moran.you can do alot of damage. with the sole purpose doctors and nurses can put catheters in that hole.

What is the best militaristic arts for someone who really never knew how to uphold self well?

Why would anyone within their right mind care to do this?

A doctor sometimes inserts a small plastic tube(catheter) to drain urine when a individual has a bladder or urinary tract infection.

I own a male nipple interview.?

speaking as someone who is employed at a hospital, I can tell you the Dr's and Nurses would own a great laugh at your expense. you have need of a hobby or a friend in a desperate way.

What do herpes look similar to?

did something happen to you that you are not unfolding us about?...

How could a woman really rape a man?

This is mensq.com People it's a legit quiz that this fella wants to ask... He's not a sicko, likelihood are it's embarassing to ask someone in person... So disappear him be unless you have a legit answer:) Infection is the most plausible scenario

MEN ONLY, Just curious to know. Why did he?

I don't know how you would get hold of one, but you could catheterize yourself. That's a constricted, flexible plastic tube that goes into your urethra adjectives the way up to your bladder. They come (in hospitals) in sterile pouches and inevitability to be lubricated with a sterile lubricant. It is throbbing, but doctors and nurses do it to patients without any anesthetic, so I guess it one and only hurts when it first goes contained by. As long as it's sterile, it won't hurt you or cause infection--it's intended for that purpose. Just not intended for entertainment or just to see what happen!

Why do men have nipples?

it will be immensely painful....i own seen some dr's trying to remove a small stone and the man screaming resembling hell.

So i was watching porn and be wondering?

yes infected and inflammed

How many calories does semen hold?

nothing would happen, bar unreal pain. whast do you reflect catheterization is. it is where doctors stick a hose up it so they can drain your blatter... so dont try it but nil would happen

what medical permanent status is used to define excess podginess in liver?

OK I do not want to cogitate about that as a guy. IT'LL HURT A LOT!

I wonder if that entity explodes.

Best way to obtain a six-pack instead of this tummy?

you are sick my friend, very sick

why have gino got no spleen?

u enjoy hurting ur pee hole . which is very exquisite . i think u get uretaritis too,

Considering circumcision?

wouldnt suggest it you can tear the vastly senstive tissue inside it causing rupture it can bleed and front to infection.

High testosterone levels, low HGH level?

i can't wait till you budge to the doctor and have it removed. not to mention adjectives the doctors and nurses that will be laughing at you for doing such a stupid thing. wow, what a decoration of honor for you to wear...hope you enjoy it

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