I have a penis of 13 centimeter /5.12 inches is it a short or atmosphere penis?


CAn anyone tell me the statistics of circumcision base on race? gratefulness?

I'm 8.5 erect, thats big so I'm told. so i would say your prevailing conditions. depends on your age and if your talking around your erect state

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When its thorny or soft. As long as it works does it matter

how much taller will i be?????

Here's the bottom string....it doesn't matter if others believe it to be short or long. There is zilch you can do to increase nor decrease the size. Accept what you enjoy.

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okay lah, enormously long. there is not effect on what is the length to you. The true is to entertain your partner in bed. Make sure you are not easy and have fortitude.

As i walk within some places, I don't know why but people greet me, I don't even know them? plz read details

yeh this is really great i think because bigger than this is longer and smaller amount than is shorter

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medium or average!

This is in my own writing, it wasn't copy and paste, enjoy it, it took me a while to write it and hope is beneficial to everyone. Thanks.

Since I own answer to many of these grill regarding penis sizes, i recollected most of my answers, read it and you take home be satisfy beside a correct answer.
Is a little smaller amount than average, but i could predict that at least 20% of males are of that size or lower than ;) , well in reality height does not event, some people over six foot tall dont hold a 5 inch dick! I came up beside this after researching it!
penis sizes!
less than 4 inches is route below ! >4.5-5.0 moderate > 5.0- 6.3 (average 65% of any male u encounter are around this size!) > 6.7 (10-20% of popul) more than average > 7.2-9 smaller quantity than 10% (gifted) > 9+ thats a big ******* story! ahhaah 0.1% of the male population *(Different trellis site and researches show these stat as the average penis 5.1, 5.7, 5.9, 5.877 from these numbers you can conclude what’s average, since adjectives those are say to be average, I guess they are diff because are taken surrounded by different regions, let read out if u take matching test surrounded by china you would find out that 4.7 is average! and 6 is to big. well other internet survey vote to be 6.2 so is funny because it does not match beside true measurement, so self measurements add more than 2 cm. Be proud of what you have, the average vagina is just about 3-4 inches so there is no problem nourishing up that space! and if the woman loves you, there is no problem.. but everyone requirements a bigger penis even I and i have 7.3 :) .... **** dont they vote smaller pennis stand up longer? enjoy
you don’t verbs; I bet money that 80% + those that make fun of other beside small organs have smaller amount than 6.6 inches! cuz only 10% of the population own over 7 inches!
do stretching it may give u a few cm
will know ur final size when u accomplish 17... you will gain from .2-1.5 inches from that age up to 17!


The wonderful penis would be above average size (if you were given a woman what would you pick duplicate girl with smaller or bigger breast? yes is possible you pick above average and not to big any, is the same piece for penis..) what would that size be? hmm I would definitely voice 7-8 inches x 6 inches of circumference..thats a bit bigger than porn actor though, most porn actor have between 6-7 inches but since their are bellow 6 foot their penis look bigger on them... and so there are porn player with more than 8 inches...(note that those mannish actors on the internet beside mega penis are mostly the same general public...there aren’t abundant with over 10 inches...) resembling I said is preference some woman may prefer something smaller afterwards 5 inches... or something bigger than 7 ... but at the end you will love a woman next to small tities you usually never dump her for that.... it happens to be alike with women and our penis... Hope this help..

forget the motion of the ocean.... sorry girls but a 4 inch guy can do what a 7 inch penis do ( if they know what they are doing of course)vaginas are 2-2.5 inches huge therefore a penis near girth of 6 inches will reach and stretch you so adjectives ur nerves are receiving pressure, so is ur G spot everything is done by PRESSURE, NOT THE MOTION OF THE OCEAN swot that....a 5 inch penis can almost do the same article but give like peas in a pod person different sizes and u will see the different as you would expect anything over 9 inches can hurt and less pleasure but anything from 7-8.5 inches is the BEST of sizes unsurprisingly if it has 6-6.5 inches of girth

I have like 6.5 when I be 16 and now I am 18 it is 7.3,.. Don’t quality bad, try doing exercises close to stretching! maybe u gain something in 1 month! hold on to going if u see any gain maybe instead of acquirement 1 inch.. u gain 2-3!
penis sizes!
less than 4 inches is route below ! >5.2 moderate > 5.5- 6.3 (average 60 % of any male u encounter are around this size!) > 6.7 (10-20% of population) more than average > 7.2-9 smaller number than 5% (gifted) > 9+ that’s a big ******* story! ahhaah 0.1% of the male population

yo, u own 4 in so what? u can calm any woman, plus u are oriental so u may be with Orientals so u are contained by the normal size for Orientals.. even a entity with 3.5 contained by penis could satisfy an oriental woman! try doing penis massage, i dont know if they work. I do them sometimes but have see no gains but after adjectives i dont need it, i am close to 7.3 inches. :) ur orientals women have see shorter penis than that i bet!

first measurement is soft(unerect, second is erect penis size surrounded by inches. Hope it gives you an opinion.

United States 3.4/5.0
Germany - na/5.6
Spain - na/5.3
France 4.7/6.2
Japan 3.1/5.1
Brazil - na/4.8
Italy 3.9/5.9
Venezuela 3.7/5.0
Mexico - na/5.9
Greece - na/4.8
India - na/4.0
Saudi Arabia - na/4.9
Chile - na/5.5
Colombia 3.5 5.4
Korea 2.7 3.7

My words are truly and not made to hurt anyone's feelings, I am purely answering, I don't know you and probably don't know me either, so I don't win anything from lying.

agree to the truth be told.

I found this site.... pretty good put ur size where on earth it says ([pick your erection length) hehe see where on earth you stand..
http://www.afraidtoask.com/members/mgeni... (the graph shown tell us an average of going on for 6 inches… which isn’t true, if u read what I wrote above averages range from 5.0-5.7 so, agree to say if u come to pass to have 5.25 inches and the graph give u are bigger than only 10% isn’t barely audible true, you can be bigger than 20-30% and like if u hold 6 inches u may be in the 60 -70% not in the 50% where the graph says…. I only just add this graph because I found it cool.)



penis issue?

Is this when you hold an erection? If so you are shortly under the 5.9 inch average for gully grown men! Just wallow in what your given!

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Medium in size.

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