My penis is two different colors?

Like the top half is lighter and the bottom half is darker.
Is that from self circumcised?
Does that happen to most guys who get circumcised?
Answers:    If it's a circular ring around the middle, that's your circumcision scar. If you weren't circumcised, there'd be almost 15,000 nerve endings in a sensitive sleeve of skin within. Depending on how it was done, your frenulum might also be damaged or partially removed.

If you stingy that the whole upper surface (towards your belly) is a different color than the lower surface (towards your legs), that's different. You might be noticing the penile raphe, which is the central dash where the bottom of the penis formed.

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dude, mine is like that too.

Its pink on the top and brown on the bottom.

It kinda looks like when you win really tan, and then you start to peel, and the skin underneath that isn't tan.

so you get pink skin standing out against the brown tan skin haha, I other thought it happened from to much masturbation, but it was always close to that really.

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The fist poster is right- it's a by-product of a device used to perform the procedure call ed a "GOMCO clamp" - wiki it for the gory details (before lunch".

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Ya that's from individual circumcised. I am and i can see where it got cut but it's kind of furrowed but it's definitely visible.


Yes, that is from individual circumcised.

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yah. all guys have a darker color on the bottom.
it's run of the mill.
don't worrrrry lol.


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It's normal. I don't think it's a circumcision thing.

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yeah it does. It is average. Don't worry about it.

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